Tuesday 16 August 2016

REVIEW: LUSH Daddy-O Purple Shampoo

After attending a LUSH bloggers event just over 2 weeks ago, I've basically been completely surrounded by new LUSH products that I picked up to try. 

Being a blonde, I'm forever on the hunt for purple shampoo to get rid of the yellow tones in my hair and give a more brassy effect. After giving this one a sniff in the shop, I knew I had to try it! It smells gorgeous, just like Parma Violets which completely take me back to my childhood. 

My initial thoughts of this shampoo were great. Obviously all of the ingredients are natural which makes me happy and as you will know from my previous blogposts and videos, I love to try and keep my skincare/haircare etc as natural as possible (which is why I'm such a huge fan of LUSH). The shampoo did a fantastic job of washing my hair, it felt squeaky clean after, which is great. Unfortunately, I do kind of feel like the shampoo didn't really have any affect on the colour of my hair. My hair is naturally blonde and although I do occasionally get highlights, it's always had a slight yellow tone to it. After using the shampoo roughly 6/7 times I still haven't really seen much of a difference. Bit I am definitely going to carry on using it and perhaps leave it on longer than I already do. The cleansing properties of the shampoo are absolutely great though and my hair genuinely has never felt so clean. My hair tends to get greasy quite quickly but since using this, I haven't found that at all. Plus you only need to use the tiniest bit and only shampoo your hair once! I was hoping that the shampoo would give my hair a slight lilac tint if I left it on for long enough as some I've previously used do, however this one didn't and like I said I didn't really see any change in my hair tone which I would have expected from the purple colour. 

So, this shampoo is brilliant and I most probably will buy it again, but if you're after a purple shampoo thats really going to give your hair that ash tint, this probably isn't the one for you.  

Have you tried this shampoo? What were your thoughts? 

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  1. Although I'm not blonde this shampoo sounds a dream!
    I've never tried any hair products from Lush but if they smell as good as the bath bombs do I'm going to have to try some out! Thanks for sharing.

    Lauren xx | www.laurenshh.blogspot.co.uk