Saturday 16 July 2016

Soap & Glory NEW IN!

A parcel arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago and I thought I would share with you the contents! Being a beauty blogger, I do occasionally get sent new beauty releases and just beauty/make-up products in general and Soap & Glory are one of the brands that regularly send me things which I am ever so grateful for. 

It's amazing because Soap & Glory genuinely are one of my favourite brands (especially from the drugstore) so receiving parcels like this is honestly incredible and I get so excited every time! 

I thought today I would share with you what I've been sent as they are new products out and some of you may be interested!

Made You Blush Blushers (£9 each) - Most of you will know I'm not a huge blusher fan but I do always like to try them because I usually end up loving them once I've put them on. These blushers have a new formula which are velvety-smooth and feel super lightweight to allow your skin to breathe underneath. I received this blusher in three shades. 'Rosy Chic' is my favourite, it is a peachy darker pink which I feel suits my skin tone. 'Cheeky Pink' which is a very very bright pink! Definitely one for a blusher lover. Lastly 'Twinkle Rose' which is a beautiful shimmery pink shade, perfect for summer to give a gorgeous glow. 

Supercar Skinny Black Ink Eyeliner (£6.50) - I was so happy to see this product in the box! I've been a huge fan of the original Supercat Liner for as long as I can remember and it's basically the only liquid eyeliner I use, however sometimes it could do with being a little thinner for days when I want a tiny little flick, and now that's available! Yay!

Kick Into Neutral Eyeshadow Palette (£13) - I've noticed recently that more eyeshadow palettes are becoming available in the drugstore which is great because there never really used to be many good ones on offer! This palette has 10 shades, most of which are shimmery except for one matte brown. There is a great colour range in this palette, most of which are neutral (as the name would suggest) so is great for everyone! 

The Ultimatte Collection Eyeshadow Palette (£13) - This palette grabbed my attention straight away! I don't own an 'all matte' eyeshadow palette but I absolutely love the idea of it! There really are some lovely shades in here. Again, it's super versatile and I feel like I would use most of the shades in the palette! 

Make sure you head over to my YouTube channel at 9:30am on Sunday 24th for a First Impressions video on all of these products! I test them out in a make-up tutorial and let you guys know what I think of the products! 

Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of love x


  1. Soap and glory new releases always get my excited because they are pretty much guaranteed to have amazing packaging and be amazing products too! x


  2. This all looks amazing! So happy they're bringing out a thinner eyeliner and those blushers look so pretty!

    Millie x // Millie’s Wardrobe