Friday 17 April 2015

H&M Copper/ Rose Gold HAUL

I am definitely a HUGE fan of the on trend 'thing' at the moment, Copper/ Rose Gold. I've loved Rose gold for a really long time and already have quite a few pieces of rose gold jewellery, but I recently picked up some bit from H&M and have been very impressed so far, so thought I would share with you these inexpensive finds. 

I made a small order on H&M Home online as my nearest H&M doesn't stock homeware. I recently got a new desk for my office space and wanted a few coppery bits to spruce up the place! I firstly saw the copper round plate which I fell in love with. I think it looks so pretty and unique and is a great way to store some of your jewellery. I also got the candle to go with it. The candle is unscented but goes beautifully with the plate and I thought they would fit together perfectly. The last copper piece I got from the Home section was the mirror. I haven't quite decided where this is going in my room but I couldn't not add it to my basket considering how inexpensive it was and it just went really well with the other two things I had in my basket hahah!! 

I then popped into my local H&M and picked up a few bits of coppery/rose gold jewellery. I got a bangle type bracelet which isn't me at all! However I thought this would be lovely to wear over the spring/ summer months to just add a bit of something extra to a plain outfit. I then saw a pack of 2 ear cuffs, a rose gold one and a silver one. I've been wanting an ear cuff for a really long time, but I just hadn't seen the perfect one until I saw this one. I'm not sure how much I'll wear them, but I liked them. I then picked up a pack of chunky rose gold rings which again were inexpensive and are such a staple jewellery item. Lastly, I thought I would include this because it's from H&M too, I have the little rose gold looking purse. I did pick this up a while ago, but I know they still have it in there. I think it's so sweet and you can use it as a purse or to keep little odds and ends in.

I hope you enjoyed this post, speak soon, 

Lots of love x


  1. Love rose gold as well! And a big fan of the H&M Home shop!! :)

    1. It's just so pretty!! Thanks for reading x