Thursday 30 October 2014

5 spot saviours ♡

Ok so i'm just gonna put it out there, i've always been pretty lucky with my skin. I never suffered from acne and I would say my skin is pretty good in general so luckily I've never had to really deal with any of those 'skin issues' but being a girl, and having girly hormones, of course we all do get spots from time to time! Being a Beauty Blogger i'm forever trying out new products to combat different kinds of issues with skin, and i've whittled down 5 products to share with you that I think do my skin wonders when that odd spot/ blemish does occur! 

 I literally fell in love with this product the first time I tried it purely because of the way it made my skin feel. My face has never felt so clean! This face wash is suitable for blemished skin but I would say most skin types could use this, because unlike most tea tree products, this isn't drying at all! You can use this wash daily to prevent spots/ blemishes appearing but I tend to use this just a few times a week or when my skin is feeling like it needs a really good clean, or if i've got a few spots! It feels so so good on your skin, it slightly tingles because of the tea tree, but I can't even explain how lovely it makes my skin feel! It's super cheap too, only £5! 

This is a mask i've only used a few times but I absolutely love it so far! My skin felt incredible after I used it, so clean and fresh. I had a huge spot at the time, and I definitely noticed a difference the next day, it had reduced in size and dried up quite a lot (sorry for the detail haha). Face masks are probably my favourite skincare item in general and this one definitely freshens up your face and feels like you've given it a good clean. 

This mask is just an all rounder at making your face feel and look amazing. I wasn't too sure on the smell when i first tried this mask but you soon get over that! If you would like to read my more in depth review of this mask then just click here! This mask is great for extracting comedones too (blackheads) This one is a bit more on the pricey side but I love to use this as a treat every now and again or if my skin is behaving really badly. 

This is a super concentrated gel which you can pop on individual spots. If the spot is open, it will sting a lot but in a weird way, I kind of like that because it makes it feel like the product is working? Again, this is quite a lot of money, but I do really like it and it's definitely helped to reduce spots i've had in the past. 

This is my second tube of this product! I went through a stage of absolutely loving it. It was a huge craze, all beauty bloggers were going mad for this stuff, so I joined in, and i'm glad! I do really like this product. It's a treatment product, so you can fit it in with your every day skincare routine to help fade blemishes and correct your skin. 

Emily ♡

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