Tuesday 1 November 2016


It's that time again! I know, it's come round pretty fast, however it's time for 'Goodbye October'. 

October was a pretty decent month I'd say all in all. I visited quite a few new places and tried a lot of new things (especially food). 

NOSE PIERCING - First things first, I finally got round to getting my nose re-pierced. I was pretty naughty though as I was super impatient and changed the stud to a ring within a couple of days, oops. But so far, so good! I haven't had any problems and I'm absolutely loving it! 

VISITING BATH - If you didn't already know, I went on a little day trip to Bath with my friend Millie which was so much fun! It was so lovely exploring somewhere new. If you would like to see a little more of what we got up to then click on this link and you can watch my VLOG from the day. 

TRYING NEW FOOD - Through out the month of October, I actually visited quite a few new restaurants. Near where I live, a new restaurant complex has opened up introducing lots of new places to eat! My sister and I tried out Gourmet Burger Kitchen which we both loved and I've also visited The Stable a number of times and it's become one of my new favourite places to eat! They do THE BEST vegan pizza! I've also been trying out a few new recipes at home. I'm trying to introduce healthier meals and snacks into my diet and smoothie bowls have become a new favourite of mine! 

READING BOOKS - A slightly strange one, I know. But you may have heard me mention before that I'm not a big reader. I rarely enjoy a book enough to finish it and as much as I try, I just never seem to get really stuck into a book. However I recently made an order on WHsmiths and picked up 4 new books which I WILL read. I've completely surprised myself to be honest considering I've already read 2 of the 4 books in the last few days! I'm super excited to read the really get stuck into reading. It really helps to relax me and I really am quite enjoying it. 

All in all, October was a pretty good month. I'm super excited for November because it's one step closer to CHRISTMAS! 

What did you get up to in October? 

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