Saturday 2 July 2016

Goodbye June

Hey everyone, so it's that time again where I sit down and tell you all my favourite and least favourite parts of the last month. June was a pretty good month for me. Looking back on it now, actually a lot of positive things happened in June and I can't really think of any negatives, so this month I'm just going to be stating a few great things that happened and I hope you enjoy reading! 

FINISHING COLLEGE - So, near the end of June I finally finished college, for good. After spending 3 years at College trying to figure out what I want to do with my life I've finally decided! However unfortunately the last three years haven't meant anything when it comes to what I want to do in the future, but never mind. I've made some great friends at college, friends for life, and for that, I'm very grateful. 

NEW JOB - Because I've now finished college, that means I need to occupy myself with something else and that meant getting a job. YouTube and Blogging is still just a hobby for me (although I wish it could be my job), so I decided to get a part time job on the side so that I can start earning a bit of money and also put my hard work into something new and exciting which hopefully I'm going to love. I'm not going to say just yet where I work because I haven't officially started yet, as it's a new business opening up, but I'm sure I will sometime in the future. 

JUNIOR COMP - At the beginning of the month I was very kindly asked to head up to Bristol with my local Toni&Guy and be their make-up artist for a competition! I had such a great day and it was a fab experience! Made me realised just how much I need to push myself and head for my goals in the future! 

PROM MAKE-UP - Another great experience! If you didn't already know, I am actually a freelance make-up artist and love doing this in my spare time! It's only just really getting started up but again, it's a great chance for me to get in practise and I did a couple of girls prom make-up right at the end of June which I loved doing! 

Overall, June was a really great month for me. I feel like I know exactly what I want to do with my life now and I think that I experienced a lot of great things in June which have really helped with my motivation for the future. 

Lots of love x

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