Tuesday 19 July 2016

Girls Holiday To Ibiza

I'm surprised I've actually found a spare few minutes in my day to write this blogpost. I don't think I've ever been so busy! Last week I returned home from a fab holiday in Ibiza with my girls which is clearly what this post is about! However since I've been back I've started a new job and am yet to have a day off. I'm absolutely knackered and feel as though I still have a lot of sleep to catch up with. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff! I'm guessing you're here to find out how my holiday went and what we got up to! 

If you want to watch the holiday VLOG it will be going up on my YouTube channel on Thursday 21st July, so keep your eyes peeled for that! But for the mean time, I'm just going to ramble on about a few of the things we got up to!

We all had such a lovely time away and it was so nice being be to spend quality time together as a group. We all bonded so much and it's definitely a holiday I'll never forget. I got so much closer with most of the girls and it was just such a lovely thing for us to all be able to go and do together. 

We spent most days chilling and sunbathing by the pool and making the most of our all inclusive food and drinks haha (so many ice creams). We visited the beach a few times and a few of the girls went sofa surfing too! 

Most evenings we watched the cringe hotel entertainment but we actually had so much fun and it didn't even matter where we were or what was happening, we made the absolute best out of it and had a fantastic time!

 I can't thank the girls enough for making it such a special holiday and Mollie, if you're reading, I want to say an extra big thank you to you, you know why. 

Lots of love x

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